Puerto Morelos Sunshine

Surveying the renovations to the back patio area - a drain now in place for rainy season.

Surveying renovations to the patio area – a drain now in place for rainy season.

It’s another day, another morning, Sunday morning in Puerto Morelos. And, as with other mornings since we’ve been here, it is another sunny day. I have turned a pinkish shade of red-brown on my way to being very dark skinned. Too much unprotected sun yesterday.

This morning we are heading out to the Jungle Market in order to check out a new performance by local Mayan women. We like the walk as it takes us through the old town of Colonia and deep into the forested area away from the sea. Of course we wear clothes which is precisely what my skin needs this morning.

This afternoon will be a different story and I will put on some sunscreen as I sunbathe in our garden area which is off to the side with a palm tree and other greenery to give a different “feel” to the experience. I will also, hopefully, find some time to write. Well, that isn’t quite what I mean to say as I have all the time I need. Rather, it is more about the inspiration, the permission to write which I sometimes fail to give myself. Regardless, it will be a good day, today.

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