Hiding in the Shadows of Fear

Looking out at the world from the shadows.

Looking out at the world from the shadows.

It is Friday and I’m already limiting my exposure to sunshine. The last thing I want to do is burn and I hate using sunscreen all the time. And no, I don’t spend all of my time indoors looking out as in this photo. The photo is to serve a different purpose.

I am lucky in comparison to so many who are trapped in their workspaces and living spaces by the weather. I remember looking out on sunny winter days when the temperature was harsh, longing for a bit of freedom to escape au naturel into the world.

At least I was clothing free in my home. The same can’t be said for so many who are trapped in their clothing, trapped by their minds that have embraced fear, or false norms of what it is to be a human. Some are so imprisoned that they even hide from themselves, denying themselves as though that would somehow grant them entry into some afterworld of pure light where everyone who makes it is swaddled in layers and layers of robes singing the praises of a god who has condemned most of humanity to eternal suffering. So, they practice being sexless, subservient denying the gift of their mind and their body and their gender and their instincts.

If one assumes there is a god, then that god created these human bodies, naked. He or she created bodies and minds and instincts. We have a story of that creation and in that story we are celebrated in our nudity. Our rejection of that nudity got us tossed out of that Garden, a paradise. So we created a different paradise based on our initial rejection of the Garden, a paradise where there is no way to differentiate gender, no temptation of body, no temptation by environment – we have a featureless paradise that is more cocoon that reward for living a good life. And then we redefine a good life to be one that is lived in fear and swallowed pride and anger where “self” is denied, where the “present” is denied.

And so we hide feeling empty, longing for freedom yet terrified that to engage fully in the world will damn us for eternity. We fear our god, we fear, we cower, we hide.

4 thoughts on “Hiding in the Shadows of Fear

  1. The dirty burden of clothing is far more that what’s in the laundry basket on washing day The constraints and confines of apparel and disguise both physically and spiritually limit and lessen our lives and our very beings.


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  3. As I write this from a hospital bed I am amused. The precautions taken to preserve one’s modesty and prevent any “exposure” in a hospital is over the top! Certainly what you say is too true and the staff know that most patients are terribly afraid of being “seen” unless it is a medical necessity so they have to respect the patient’s wishes. But of course even if most medical staff are completely blasé about any part of the anatomy they certainly are not going to expose themselves because deep down the hold the same fears.

    An incurable condition I am afraid unless we bomb ourselves back to the Stone Age and start over!


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