Packing For Three Months in Mexico

Packing for Mexico

Packing for Mexico

It’s a quiet morning here on the prairies in this tiny town where I live. It is still dark with dawn still more than an hour away. I have been up more than two hours already. I spent most of the first hour sitting with my wife in the living room, drinking coffee and simply enjoying being together while looking out at the darkness. Then, after she left for work, I began to pack my bags for three months in Mexico. Yes, I do need to pack for the world isn’t open to my being nude all the time.

I do need to wear clothes for various activities such as going to group meditation, visiting with friends at local restaurants, hanging out at a public beach, going for long walks, and even taking in the occasional new sights that have been saved. However, when at my home in Mexico, I have the freedom inside and in the garden to be au naturel. In that respect, it isn’t too much different that when I am at home in Canada. The only difference is the need to speak Spanish and the warmth so that I can be outdoors au naturel in winter..

Now, back to deciding what to pack and what to leave here in Canada.

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