Naked on the Street at Dawn

Dawn is almost here on the prairies.

Dawn is almost here on the prairies.

I took this photo moments ago. I had tried taking the photo looking out my dining room window from which I had noticed the fire-red sky. The image had too many reflections and was too poor for my collection. So, without thinking too much about it, I ran out of the house wearing nothing but slippers, down the street to find an opening so that I could catch the approach of dawn on the horizon. It was cold out -18C as I stood a ways down our street taking a few photos. Needless to say, I then hurried back to the house and the warmth within it. It was only about ten minutes later when a truck drove by that I realised just what I had done. I was too far from the house to escape notice if that truck would have appeared while I was taking this photo. I would have been seen, stark naked with a camera in hand, in a small prairie town. I really do have to think before I act.

So, what is it that had me take such a thoughtless risk? It was a thoughtless risk as the ripples would have overwhelmed both my wife and myself in this small community if I had been caught naked on the street this cold, winter morning. My sanity would become the first issue as obviously no sane person would be out naked in this winter weather taking photos of dawn on the streets of town. Then, there would be the shame that would chase my wife throughout all her associations in the town as the wife of a crazy man. And should I pass muster as sane, there would likely be legal issues to be dealt with, or at the least, an angry village that would want me – us – gone.

Each of us has a shadow, or perhaps more correctly, shadows within us. We can sense their presence once we open the mind to the possibility that we are more than what our ego tells us we are. These shadowy presences contain both dark aspects of our whole self, as well as the light aspects. Another word for these shadows is “archetypes.” Popular literature talks to us about these archetypes as king, lover, magician, lover, jester (fool), queen, harlot, and so many more. For each of these shadow aspects such as Great Mother and Great Father, there are both dark and light faces. An example is the Great Father which is associated with God, with his dark face being Satan. Buried in our shadows are our unlived and denied aspects of ourselves. We all have our saintly sides and our sinful sides, our inhibited and uninhibited sides. And it is there that perhaps I can find an answer to the question “Why?”

Another thought for me to consider: how do I manage to choose the “right” moment in time to risk these type of exposures, that brief intersect in time when all will be private allowing me to accomplish these unknown objectives?

5 thoughts on “Naked on the Street at Dawn

  1. Or the truck driver would have had a good chuckle and gone on his way. Do you know for a fact that the folks in your town our so narrow, puritanical and litigious? Seems to me small town folks tend to be the live and let live variety. Good on you for taking risks, but methinks your dark side is your fear and negative expectations of your neighbors.


  2. Well for starters I am going to assume that at least a few people in your community read (monitor) this web site. So if any one starts to get nervous or you offend someone’s sensibilities they will let the authorities know.

    In this day of ubiquitous smart phones I suspect that you will be photographed and not know it until the RCMP knock on your door.

    You are taking dangerous and stupid risks for some “cause” or because of some psycho-babble that you think will justify it, yet you clearly lay out the horrific consequences, but I suspect you will keep pushing the envelope until those consequences occur. You may be prepared to pay the price yet you know many innocent loved one’s will suffer as well.

    Please give your head a shake.



    • No one reads the posts from my community, or even my province for that matter. The data is available for me. But that aside, yes, I need to give my head a shake. Light bulb goes on.


  3. R, as you know I daily go for my morning news papers nude at the end of my driveway. I’ve had these same re-occurring thoughts but alas I continue. This despite one of my neighbor ladies telling me recently that she and her teenage granddaughter have seen me nude while on my paper mission and a couple times in my garage while I was working. With a big smile on her face she asked me if I feared the police coming and I simply replied, ” I don’t know, I’m not hurting anyone, I’m simply nude. To which she said “yes you are that and seem to be unaware”. Weather permitting I have worked in my garage with the door up while nude, swept the drive and mowed some parts of my yard, trimmed trees and racked leaves. I actually feel totally un-inhibited really at my age feel I have earned the right to enjoy the rest of my life comfortably and if that means doing mnay things nude, so be it !!


  4. I have also taken hour-long naked walks through the neighborhood, wherever I happened to reside. The streets would be empty, hardly any indoor lamps lit, only TV’s on for nightowls. I’d be cautious when crossing lighted intersections, making sure that nobody was out to see me. I especially like to walk all the paths at golf courses. I feel lively, exuberant at first, then I settle into an alert exercise mode, walking briskly while checking for animals or people. In suburban neighborhoods, when a car approaches I slip on my gym shorts. I’ve never had an “incident”.


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