The Darkness Before The Light Returns

The lady in the moon. Who is she?

The lady in the moon. Who is she? The dark feminine.

A beautiful image crafted with care. The moon is drawing closer to the full moon, a time of magic and for many, a time when madness is a thin sliver of time and space away from the real world of things. It is a certain kind of madness that looks at this world and wraps it in love, decorates it with peace and hope. During this night time of the collective soul, through the darkest part of year we light candles, illuminate as much of the darkness with coloured strands of light creating images that bring smiles. We defy the darkness and know that there is more than darkness. I defy this darkness in my own way. For example, I stand naked in the darkness, in the cold, to proclaim that I will emerge from the cold and deadly time to once again smile and love.

I found this image a week ago and felt a need to keep it in hopes of finding a place for it. A recent conversation on Twitter spoke of the dark feminine (thanks Laura), and a different image quoting Jung about the Virgin Mary as the black earth, the dark principle from which life would re-emerge. (Vision Seminars) which I found on Facebook along with these words by Robert Sardello, let me know that it was time for this image to find its way here so that the words would flow.

“What is the soul’s response? It is the quality of stillness. The soul becomes completely quiet, for it has entered into the realm of death…there to begin the task of learning how to be awake and fully conscious. It is a test. The aim of this test is to find whether the force of love, no longer arising from attachment to things in the day-world, can be born out of the soul itself. In other words, can love arise where there is nothing to love?”

Looking back into the days before the moon re-appears in this dark and dead time of the year. It is a time of death. We all witness this darkness where everything we value is lost to us. As a collective we respond with hate, with evil deeds. As individuals we find ourselves in nightmares and sinking into swamplands of depression. In depth psychology, there is an image, an archetypal presence that emerges. In India she is called Kali. She is the dark feminine. She is not evil though she is there where evil is committed in her name. She holds the universe within her waiting for time to ripen so she can allow the soul passage back into the light. And that birthing demands that we let go of our compulsive needs, to risk standing naked before her and before the sun that stirs us back into life.

We are not to flee from her, this dark feminine. She is there to remind us that we are her that she flows within our inner spaces keeping us grounded lest we fly too high into the rays of the sun and be consumed by it. Consummation by the sun is possession by mana and becoming unconscious, ferocious, fundamentalist demons, the dark masculine. And the only escape from its burning, whithering, searing occupation is death, a return to darkness from which we can again be stirred once again by the dark feminine to find the space in between called love, an honest and authentic sense of presence in front of the holy union of masculine and feminine.


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