Oh Baby It's Cold Outside

Looking out the window waiting for the world to wake up.

Looking out the window waiting for the world to wake up.

It’s early morning, well maybe not that early. I have taken care of all my morning tasks and checked out social media and now have a bit of time on my hand. It’s too cold to go outside without putting on several layers of clothing, something I would not rather do at this point of the day. I will have to go out later and do a few chores around town. Until then, the clothes will stay off.

Oh baby it's cold outside.

Oh baby it’s cold outside.

I did manage to get outside for a brief moment or two, but limited my outing to the back deck where there was some protection from a prairie breeze that turns cold temperatures into a biting and bitter experience that even clothing doesn’t quite seem to erase. When I go walking outdoors on colder days I wear winter clothing including a scarf to protect my cheeks and nose. In spite of the layers of protection, my eyes end up burning when the breeze gets past the edges of my glasses.

I am thankful for my warm home and even for the community within which I have carved a space for myself in spite of being slightly different from my friends and neighbours. The difference isn’t just that I like being nude, it includes my being less social as I spend so many hours writing. They, many in the community, have read a number of my books which challenge to say the least. A number of them have seen my Naked Poetry books as well. And, more than a few have seen me naked in my house or yard. Though I go to a sub-tropical location for three months in the winter, I definitely know where home is.

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