On Normalising Non-Conventional Behaviour

I found this quote from a young woman, Gingerbread, who has a website (Breasts Are Healthy) devoted to bare-breast freedom. Gingerbread dares to walk without covering her breast for a good reason. According to Gingerbread:

“The only way to normalize anything is to do it with so much regularity and normality that people stop being afraid of it and start seeing it as conventional behavior. This is my motivation for posting photos and videos of my walks.  I want people to see and hear for themselves the reactions (and more importantly the non-reactions) of the public as I walk by.”

There is an important message here for all who have a belief in the value of behaviour that is counter to beliefs held by others who are in a majority situation. It doesn’t matter whether the beliefs are about refugees, the environment, discrimination, or naturism. There is a need to validate one’s beliefs with action. Not walking the talk does more to damage one’s sense of identity than the potential damage to relationships that may or may not occur when one lives authentically. Does one deny self in hopes of pleasing others? Or, does one risk change with the hope of finding peace within?

You can follow Gingerbread on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Breastsrhealthy, or at her blog site at: https://breastsarehealthy.wordpress.com/

7 thoughts on “On Normalising Non-Conventional Behaviour

  1. Sad to see that in her Dec. 15th blog post there is a bill presented to the NH House to specifically add bare female breasts to the indecent exposure laws.

    As we know in Ontario and although untested likely in all of Canada it is not illegal. Like so many of our Canadian non-laws the law is now “silent” and therefore not-illegal. Of course, there has not been a flood of women strolling around bare chested.

    The rationale for the bill is hilarious, but all too typical. I wish her luck with her campaign.


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  3. the problem is that it done once on that day for walk. this world has three catagories
    left( think it is wrong) normal and right(not sure what to think) but done regularly will get that attitude of ones mind to think of sex. As we have seen in Africa women walked bare waist above. We change them to wear to cover. Now we are fighting for it.
    Why not just do it and don’t think about other around and their thoughts.
    Stand p for what you think is right for you. Go topless okay then do it. ride the same route day in day out topless and you will see once looked down the road will be normal to all


  4. gingerbread
    reading your letter just suggest be bold and just do what want. As day one you will get the stare, but on your repeat action will be like just another day. Like the women in Africa who walk the plains freely as the desire. Also if you have seen the currency of Swaziland, the back photo is of bare breast women.
    be proud and stand tall.


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