Nude Boxer of Quirinal

A Greek statue from 330 BC of a boxer.

A Greek statue from 330 BC of a boxer.

This statue, The Boxer of Quirinal from 330 BC., depicts the human male with dignity. When I went in search of background of the image, I was surprised at how most images of this statue have hidden by camera angle, the genitals as if they were shameful. Everyone knows the body is nude beneath all of our attempts do hide that truth, but we resist this obvious truth as we hold irrationally the belief that the exposure of genitals is something for which we would to be shamed and humiliated.  Our fear somehow has been codified into many law codes which are focused on punishing humans for being “natural” human beings, at one with nature and their own bodies. So many blog posts moan the state of affairs with which naturists must navigate around in an attempt to avoid a vengeful society that demands that everyone belief the worst of humanity, believe that the bodies we have been born with are sinful. I read the words of Osho in his work, Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance, that told us that “we have come into the world naked, and we will leave this world naked again.”

I have to admit that I don’t usually give much credit to Osho, but as I read further I found these words that speak to our modern condition. These words don’t limit themselves to nudity, they embrace the whole of beliefs based on fear that have been encoded into law so that we punish others for being different regardless of whether or not real harm has been done to an individual, a community, or to nature.

“A great revolution is needed which transforms every law according to the laws of love. Justice should just be a shadow of love, not revengeful, but respectful. It is possible; it has been possible in the lives of individuals; it is possible in the life of the whole of society.”

Of course, it does come back to the “lives of individuals” who must show the way. There is no hope of ever getting to this state of justice based on love through violence, through acts that are contrary to love. It is up to you and me to shift from “possible” in our lives, to being lived.

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