Morning Coffee and Thoughts of Images

It is a morning ritual that is treasured as we sit and look out on the world.

It is a morning ritual that is treasured as we sit and look out on the world.

Every morning we are in our home on the prairies, we sit in the living room looking out the front window with coffee in one hand with our free hands holding each other. It is a ritual that has endured for years upon years. When we are not at home, the coffee is there, usually, though nothing else is predictable. Of course, the only clothing worn, if anything is a robe to guard against the chill as we normally turn the heat down for the night.

Obviously I borrowed this image from somewhere on the ‘net. I am looking to use other images than just of me from time to time, images that help tell a story. But why, you might ask, do I use mostly images of naked people? Is it about voyeurism? Is it about exhibitionism? Or, is there more that is to be said for using images that contain nudity?

To begin to answer this question, since this site is about exploration of the human psyche which is hidden beneath the clothing we wear and the skin that contains us, nude images add another dimension to the conversation, a dimension that often slips beneath the level of consciousness, to a layer called the subconscious. Beneath that layer there is a fully unconscious dimension that is a chaotic blend of personal and collective unconscious contents. The only language that works if one is to ever “connect” at some level with this unconscious, is through images. Images that use clothing, have their use, but that use is limited in terms of the unconscious.

Now,  using images with nudity does present a few issues for readers, and perhaps even for myself. I question the use of full nudity where genitals are seen. As a result, I typically “crop” images to make them “safe” images. But, safe for whom? When I paint images that come out of my dreams, there has been no cropping. Those images presented themselves to me without the need to be sensitive. If anything, these images arrive as is to challenge me, to make me be honest with myself.

How about for you as a reader here? Would full nudity get in the way for you? Would exposed genitals have you retreat from reading the content of these posts? Does the cropping of images cause some sort of assault upon you? So much more to consider, questions to ask, but I think it is time to put the post up and see if there is any reaction to my questions. Now, it’s time for me to get another cup of coffee.

7 thoughts on “Morning Coffee and Thoughts of Images

  1. Not at all. The naked human body is beautiful and pictures of full-on nudity would not not get in the way at all or cause retreat from thoroughly reading your posts.

    Thank you for asking. I will continue to visit here and read whether pictures portray partial or full nudes.


  2. If the symbolism of nudity pointing to a lack of personae is your goal then wouldn’t an image less familiar further the cause? Wouldn’t genitalia – more so, a glimpse or suggestion of some – stir the unconscious and make itself more obvious? Your discussions within the text that follow may then resonate better once you have gained our full attention? Some may reject the image out of some moral outrage to the discomfort of the unfamiliar, but then they’re probably not reading anyway. Others will tend toward the baser voyeurism of the image and aren’t attending to your words well either. The rest may find themselves thinking more clearly than ever because they’re more aware than before seeing the image. Even one reader each post is more than I’d hope for in any case, but the positive impact would be immeasurable.


  3. ..

    In my humble opinion cropping pictures smacks of censorship.
    I am much older and much plumper than you. The part of me that needs to be cropped is opposite of the last few pictures you cropped of yourself.
    I admire your courage in posting pictures of real life.

    Thanks.. Pat S..


  4. You are right to question this. There are lines for all of us and they shift depending upon circumstances. I am never bothered by seeing full nudity – I’m a naturist after all. I am occasionally bothered about being seen looking at images of naked people, but only when it’s by certain people in my life. If a stranger or most of my friends were to “catch” me reading an article with genitals showing, that wouldn’t worry me.

    I don’t read your articles for the images but think they are an important part of it. I almost never write a blog post without an image, so I say absolutely, go ahead and use bodies of all shapes and sizes.


  5. As naturists we don’t bat an eye seeing the naked form. Certainly in social settings everyone is there to enjoy each others company while appreciating being clothes free. As for myself, being a naturist I used to struggle with what should or should not show when blogging about the naturist lifestyle. If it is in context to what I am writing about then why not post a nude picture? Those who troll the internet to get off on viewing naked people are the ones who should be ashamed. The naked body is nothing to be shamed.


  6. Given both widespread prudery and pornography any nude picture has to run a gauntlet in which either polarity will be in play. Either of these is a tyranny that has to be resisted. I don’t believe either artists or naturists can allow themselves to be cowed by either group. When there is a truth to be told in which the “naked truth” must courageously stand and present itself regardless of what others may make of it.

    Obviously context and pose are crucial in distinguishing what the motive is for showing genitals, but genitals in themselves are as neutral as is the rest of the body. Individuals viewing a nude picture make of it what they will despite the intention for it being presented. That’s the risk. However, we have to believe that the value of telling the truth out weighs what aberrant individuals think.

    Those of us that have followed your blog trust your judgment in this matter and believe your decision in showing human genitals is aimed at a higher purpose in the context of thoughtful essays you write.


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