Getting Real With The Self

Dressed for December on the prairies

Dressed for December on the prairies

It’s December on the prairies and the wind is blowing briskly meaning I have to have my tuque on, if for nothing else, it keeps me from having wind-blown hair. not that tuque hair is any better. I have to admit that I am enjoying these warmer and sunnier days.

Behind the scenes I am shifting my writing into a new venture, that of a book that looks at nude psychotherapy. I have been using nude therapy for myself and not with clients who come to my office. I have no intention of getting myself entangled in legal issues that could have me spend these sunny and warmer days in a cell. I consciously use nude therapy for my own self-directed therapy.

The god-father of American psychology, Abraham Maslow, wrote forty years ago about the value of nudity in therapy in his personal journal. He commented that when a client was: “naked physically and spiritually. No fakes. . . . That allows me to see the real reality without any veils or soft-focus lenses or rose-colored glasses”. This is exactly what I have discovered over the past decade as I consciously tried to explain why I seemed to heal when the process was done while I was naked.

Of course, I am not abandoning the novel currently in progress. Rather, this is needed background explorations in a formal manner to have the novel work. After all, the protagonist in the novel is a skyclad therapist.

3 thoughts on “Getting Real With The Self

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  2. Great read! I too find that a tuque is quite helpful in cases of winter nudism. Best of luck with the book! I’ve always been of the opinion that most pharmaceuticals could be replaced with nude therapy. Again, great read! 🙂


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