Creatures of Darkness and Light

December on the prairie.

December on the prairie.

I got out for a walk today into the countryside. Usually, it is wintry in December, but there is a chinook blowing. Strong winds with above zero temperatures has melted the first snow of winter and turned the countryside into a muddy pasture when one wanders off the road. Of course, I have a problem staying on the straight and narrow roads that are placed before us. Less than a mile from our small town on the prairie, there is a farm yard (yes, people live on the farm) with a couple of rows of trees, with a variety of buildings and bins that allow the farm house to be a more natural setting than most farm yards.

I took advantage of the separation between yard and farmhouse to get a few photos including this one which I took directly into the sun, that starburst that is pure white light in the image. I had originally thought it would be a silhouette, but hadn’t placed the camera correctly to have the sun immediately behind me. However, rather than tossing the photo, I found I had something even better.

It is hard to truly see one’s authentic self when looking into the light. One needs the relief and contrast of the shadow, of darkness to find a place of balance. This shouldn’t be a surprise as we are beings of both darkness and light ourselves.

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