I See the Holiness Within You and Me

The prince and princess, an alchemical and archetypal story.

The prince and princess, an alchemical and archetypal story.

A beautiful image. I discovered it on a social media site. Following the links, the original site was not able to be found. Sadly, I can’t give credit for the photo to the person who created it. I was drawn to the image not simply because it depicted a naked man and woman, but because of the honour they do to each other as equals. There is a nobility present in their pose. There is no need for clothing to tell us that they are worthy. Beneath clothing, they remain royalty in both appearance and attitude. As I saw this image, I thought of the marriage between a king and a queen, a holy marriage of equals where both pledge to each other as a knight pledges to his queen. I can’t think of a better way to honour the other than as shown here.

However, before we can truly honour another, we must learn to honour the self. Honouring the self does not mean being selfish or narcissistic. It means being aware of the shadows and the light that exists within. It means owning our own shit and not casting it at others. Owning our own darkness does not mean we need to attack ourselves or give up on ourselves either. Owning our own darkness begins with recognising that we are not victims and that we are simply humans, not demons or saints. We learn to be humble and filled with awe that we are alive. We learn to see that others are like us, broken and fragile and yet worthy of life. We learn to see the light in others rather than their shadows or our own shadows projected. We see that light and we see the holiness within the humans in front of us. It is this that we pay honour and homage, to the holiness in ourselves and others.

4 thoughts on “I See the Holiness Within You and Me

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