Feeling Like Summer

Tree made of beads in front of the window onto the street.

Tree made of beads in front of the window onto the street.

Today was our day for getting up the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations.  I can’t say that I am a Christian with a religious significance for Christmas, as that would be an untruth. I don’t really have a religion in the formal sense of the word. However, I do have a deeply spiritual core that embraces the best of all religions, the belief in the possibility that there is “worth” in living in peace with self, other, and the container that is home for all of us.

Christmas is a celebration that is archetypal, that is, it takes its roots out of the human psyche which has humans gather together as families in protest against the darkest time of year. Of course, that protest is beneath the level of consciousness. We need to find a “rational” excuse for this instinctive response to winter, the season of snow, a deep sleep for nature, and few hours of sunshine in the northern hemisphere.

Today, I am fortunate to have sunshine pouring through the large windows of my living room providing a warmth that no furnace or fireplace can match. In spite of low temperatures, even in the house (we keep the temperature around 20C / 68F during the daytime), it feels like summer near the window.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Like Summer

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  2. Having driven down your street (virtually) it would seem almost impossible for one walking or driving by not to see the full Monty where you are in that picture. Has the community accepted the crazy naked guy and decided not to call the RCMP? 🙂


    • No one walked by nor drove by when the photo was taken. It is a quiet town, especially when classes are in session and people are at work. And yes, it does appear that I am accepted as a crazy man in the community. My books have sold well here and there are no secrets left.


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