Sensory Overload

Sometimes it is too busy, too stimulating, too overwhelming when you are an introvert surrounded by a busy bunch of boys and extroverted adults. Welcome to my world when I visit my family here in the U.S.A. Somehow, I can hang in there playing various basketball games, football, and soccer games outside followed by endless card games and board games where the volume seems to go above legal allowable limits until some youngster storms off in a huff because he is losing to a sibling. Perhaps it is the fact that it is a four-day weekend with no quiet spaces that would be places of refuge that accents the fact of sensory overload.  Even taking a few moments to put up this meagre blog post is being done while the action swirls around me with expectation that I engage in side conversations. Being an introvert is often like being thrown into the “hole” in prison (solitary confinement) for a social butterfly. It is the best route to take if one is invested in becoming zombie-like. Yet, I love the swirling mass of sound, movement, smells and buffeting that is the status quo when visiting my grandsons.

There are no spaces or times for simply shedding my clothing and meditating in silence, for breathing and being able to hear and feel each breath. Being able to look to a place in time just days down the road tells me that I will have that time in abundance. I will wander the whole house, perhaps even into my yard without the need to “cover-up.”

Regrets? No, I am simply stating that life is bumpy and one may as well buckle up and enjoy the ride through the quite doldrums and the hair-raising action.

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