Winter Sky on the Prairies

DSC05433 (2) (640x160)

This was the scene from my window back home in Canada. Of course I took the photo while skyclad, if one can be skyclad in the house. Thanksgiving Day is done and now it is Black Friday, a day we are staying in the house away from all the insanity that comes with fighting crowds for “deals” on stuff we would never buy anyway. The reason for this photo is more of an experiment than it is of intent to wax philosophical or psychological about the image. I am adding the image as a URL link because for whatever reason, I can’t upload images to my blog site from the computer at my daughter’s house. I can, however, upload an image to my Flickr account. This could mean a rethinking of how images will be posted and stored for the blog site from now on. More experimentation is to be done with images in the future.

Now, back to this image, it is one that I was satisfied with in terms of how, even in winter, perhaps best in winter, we find the heat, the energy to do the work of rummaging around in our inner spaces, those darkish zones where we have a tendency to get lost, to lose hope, to wallow in a despairing sadness. The colours are there for light, life, and warmth, but the image contradicts this expectation and hope. It definitely is a scene that doesn’t invite one to take off the clothes and wander like a free spirit through nature, through the quiet streets of town.

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