Creatures of Darkness and Light

Dreams of walking in public while nude.

Dreams of walking in public while nude.

Dreams are troublesome things, sometimes so troublesome they become nightmares. The shadows, the presences, the heaviness, the vulnerability of the ego – it all disturbs what might have been a good night’s sleep. Sometimes we remember dreams; sometimes we don’t. Regardless, we all suffer from sleep periods that don’t have wake up the next morning feeling rested.

In dreams, if remembered, we find ourselves in a world that sometimes mirrors our waking world. But sometimes, we find ourselves in a strange universe where there are no rules that fit in with our sense of reality. We find ourselves, flying through the air and sometimes through what appears to be solid objects. We navigate through water without the sensation of drowning. We wander through landscapes of incredible beauty or blasted war zones that are mined with explosions and fires filling the scenes. We find ourselves nude in public: in school, at work, on the street. In all of these scenes we are aware of “self,” our ego self.

What is unknown to us in these dreams is that we are also the scenes themselves as well as the presences, glowing-radiant presences and dark, demon-like presences. We are every man and woman in these dreams, even those presences we recognise from our waking life for those presences contain our projections and it is these projections that need to be addressed.

Nudity in dreams is not so easy to deal with, it leaves us feeling more uncomfortable that many other kinds of dreams with the exception of nightmares. We are exposed, vulnerable, almost helpless. Yet, there are times when these nude moments in dreams lift us up so that we soar as some sort of godlike being.  We are asked to accept that golden light of who we are, the authentic self that we too often hide.

Of course, dreams are dreams and have a life of their own that we can never control. These presences are beyond our waking awareness, lost in our waking-life unconscious, in the shadows. They are there even in our outer world but only visible through our projections, our passions, our fears, our hatreds; they are there teaching us beneath the level of consciousness if we would be willing learners; they are there ready to destroy and defile should we build walls that are meant to keep the inner presences forever bound so that the ego remains dictator. There are no boundaries that our shadows can’t or won’t breach. We can never escape the fullness of who we are, creatures of both darkness and light.

3 thoughts on “Creatures of Darkness and Light

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  2. I don’t recall ever having a dream of being found nude in public – not sure how I would feel . Last night I was visited , in a dream , by an old friend who has been dead for 20 years . I’m always surprised by the time less quality of dreams . And the why ? Why Bob ? why now ? Makes no sense …..Maybe this time of year – Thanksgiving – I associate with him . He would take a ham from the store and visit his family in Elmira , N.Y. ….Oh , maybe because this was a relationship that I ended too abruptly – not considering his feelings ….. This has been on my mind lately . Not ending relationships positively . ( Bob , I’m so sorry your life seemed to unravel in those years after I resigned . Working for you and everyone at Bob’s all those years was like sharing time with family . I’m sorry I never told you that – and that I felt like you were being manipulated and put your trust in the wrong people which may have had a lot to do with your fall from grace . You died too soon .) Great memories of Christmas time and the parties at the roller rink . If your floating around out there somewhere – thanks for the visit ……


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