Putting A Face On Depression

Early winter's dawn

Early winter’s dawn

Waking up in darkness, turning on the coffee, and turning up the heat is getting to be the norm at this time of year. Darkness isn’t just about day and night, it is also about a psychological state where the spirit, like the weather outside, feels lifeless with barely a breath to register that one is alive. This is one face of depression.

Regardless of the external world, in spite of the sun’s rising to chase away darkness as the hours flow, the spirit remains at the edges between darkness and light. That edge is vital for survival as to sense a total absence of light signals the death of hope which then is embodied in the loss of will to live.

To risk staying at the edge, to admit that light does exist in spite of the darkness, is an act of hope. To seize that hope, one has to be willing to shed those beliefs that darkness defines who we are. One has to risk going forward fully naked into the rising light, allowing not only others to see that we exist, but to admit to ourselves that we truly are a part of the whole. The light on the horizon that promises a new day is the same light within us that validates our worth, that like the sun, we too can bring light into the world if only we dare to be authentic.

And so, with the dawn, I dare to make a new journey into light.

7 thoughts on “Putting A Face On Depression

  1. So many people got depression today makes me wonder if environment has some effects on people. I got lots of depression in my life but now I’m feeling great!!!! I had bad child years. Now I workout every day & get some adrenline burning so I never feel depression!!!!


  2. I’ve been reflecting on this quotation by Richard Rohr , ” Love is the true goal but faith is the process of getting there and hope is the willingness to live without resolution or closure . ” Wishing you all the best .


  3. I am told I now have depression. As you can see by that statement, I’m not completely convinced myself!!!
    Still love naturism. I do have a small private area behind this house but I miss my large backyard and even more, my trips (down) to River Island Naturist Retreat, near Mittagong, south of Sydney.
    Am not ‘allowed’ to drive any more so the trip to Reef Beach is out now too.
    I think I’m getting more depressed telling you about all that. It “ain’t half hot Mum” in Sydney, at the moment!!!


  4. Has anyone ever tried one of those Therapy lights . A woman in a group I do struggles with SAD , Seasonal Affective Disorder , and is going to use one this time around .


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