Shifting Safe Spaces

Protecting privacy or staying out of sight?

Protecting privacy or staying out of sight?

This is the door to my office/workspace. I always keep it closed when I have a client within as I want them to feel that what is said is private, very private. The closed door makes the room a safe, sacred space. I am typically dressed to reflect the position of therapist – dark pants and a loose sweater that is attractive. I avoid the formal look that was my habit when I was an administrator in the school system.

When there isn’t a client in the room the door is kept open. The room becomes a part of the whole that is our home. Within the room I am usually found writing or working with my photos. Almost always, I am nude in the room. It has been this way for a fair number of years. Even my neighbours are aware of my ‘working attire’ when I write.

Yet now, it has changed. Not the writing nude, but the position of the door. I agreed, for the sake of my wife’s comfort level, to keep the door closed and to make sure that when I leave the room I do so wearing clothing – just in case. The closed door now creates a safe, sacred space for her outside of my room. Strange.

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