NaNoWriMo 2015 and Movember

The beard and moustache are gone, gone, gone.

The beard and moustache are gone, gone, gone.

It’s November first and I have decided to once again go clean shaven for a day so that I can take part in Movember along with my son and other family members. Yes, the ‘stache is gone as is the beard. The evidence is right before your eyes.

As well as Movember, the day is the start of NaNoWriMo 2015. I have once again entered into the event with the idea of restarting from the beginning, the stalled part three of the Healing Skyclad series.

I am including the opening of the latest book here before I return to writing more of the story. Word count so far is 1831.


Two Birds in a Hurricane

Book 3 in the Healing Skyclad series

Chapter One

Following the renewal of relationship with my wife, life became a matter of living fully in the present tense. There was no past. I had left the past in Ottawa. I left Ottawa at the urging of my father to escape the black hole that had consumed him destroying his dreams. He urged me to flee Ottawa and the past, to return to the young woman with whom I had fallen in love. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed. It was a rare event in my life, to have my father step outside of himself to see me as having dreams and a future. Given his blessing, I was able to walk away from the nightmare of the first twenty-one years of my life. As I saw it as I stepped off the train in Watrous, Saskatchewan, there was no past.

As a young man of twenty-one walking into the arms of a beautiful young woman, it wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision to abandon the past. Rather, it was a natural movement to embracing a new way of being, one that was charged with physical attraction and what could only be described as an alter reality, a place and time where a new self emerges.


Benjamin sat beside Marynia as they drove from the train station to the family farm. He looked at her with hope, wanting to believe that this was the woman he was going to marry, the woman with whom he would live for the rest of his life. Yet, hidden in his luggage was a passport that he had received only a week earlier, his escape ticket if somehow she discovered his dark past and sent him packing.

They weren’t strangers to each other, yet somehow, seeing Marynia beside him in the car, Benjamin sensed she was a bit different from the way he knew her earlier in the fall when they had lived together in Vancouver. She was more confident, more grounded. She belonged and that was something Benjamin had never experienced in his own life. How would he be able to fit in?


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