Thinking Au Naturel In Paris

The Thinker - Thinking in Paris.

The Thinker – Thinking in Paris.

We’ve been in Paris for almost a day and it’s time to plan our sightseeing agenda for the day. Yes, the Musée Rodin is on the list as is La Tour Eiffel. We’ve been in Paris a fair number of times and so all of our stops will likely be repeats, well at least for the most part. There will be moments of discovery as we wander down streets not on the typical guided tour. I follow gut feeling, not a scripted guide book. It makes for interesting discoveries.

This is the first time in Paris without our children, well that is if we don’t count the hours between plane and train in August. There is no promise of sunshine or warm temperatures, so wearing clothing becomes a sensible choice versus a societal choice. At least the hotel room is warm and private. Now, it’s time to have breakfast before dressing and heading out with the camera.

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