Leaving Costa Natura

Costa Natura

Costa Natura

In an hour from now we will be leaving Costa Natura in order to go to Málaga where we have booked a room for the night. We fly out of Málaga tomorrow morning for Paris. Sadly, this means there will be very little clothes free time for the foreseeable future. With the weather being overcast and raining, there is not much reason to stay longer. We are both ready to go home.

Ten days together at a naturist resort – it’s a first for us. I was surprised at how well it went considering that she is not, nor ever will be, a naturist at heart. She is so comfortable in her body without her clothes on that this truth is surprising, but that comfort only exists with complete strangers. The presence of family, friends, and people with whom we enjoy small contact makes a huge difference. It is at this point that feelings of vulnerability force a rush to clothing.

Going home happens with newboundaries, or rather old boundaries which become more binding. My nudity will be limited to my office and our living room at night when drapes are closed and the door is locked. The survival of relationship depends on this. Of course, I worry. Can I do this? The reward will be more willing participation in future naturist events as a couple. Is this enough?


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