Spain’s First Family Naturist Resort

Stubborn and resisting the call to wear clothing.

Stubborn and resisting the call to wear clothing.

It’s raining, well at least it’s a light shower with overcast skies at the moment. It’s as good a time as any for sitting down and writing up another post. We did have a few moments of sunshine while we were at the pool and jacuzzi, enough to enjoy a hot beverage at the poolside restaurant after time spent in both jacuzzi and pool. I have to admit that I appreciate the rules against wearing swimsuits in both. It makes it that much better for the wide span of ages that use them. No coverups or sexual tittilation when there are young children, their parents, and likely a few grandparents in attendance.

It’s hard to imagine this from a North American perspective where most equate nudity with sex and public nudity with pornography. The presence of a child among naked adults, especially a naked child is seen as a 911 emergency where police and Children’s Services need to intervene, even if the adults are family. We somehow have convinced ourselves and our children that they will be scarred forever by the sight of naked adults. We teach our children not only to be afraid, very afraid of naked adults, but to fear being naked as well.

Where there is fear, when there is no real threat to safety and security, a complex has just reared its ugly face. And, there’s no reasoning with a complex.

2 thoughts on “Spain’s First Family Naturist Resort

  1. Great Post! I wish I were with you! And I also wish the U.S. views on nudity were more like the Europeans. I am a teen age nudist/naturist and this summer I confided in 2 of my close friends about my families lifestyle and they were interested in going nude with me…other than our occasional skinny dips. It was an eye opener seeing the body issues, fear and insecurities that these beautiful young teens had about being nude with my family. But by the end of the summer they were all to eager to spend a nude weekend with me. But it made me sad to think how the views on nudity in this country have given young people so much insecurity about their own bodies.


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