Hiding Vulnerability Behind Clothing

Hiding behind clothing, defining who we are to the world through carefully selected styles and brands of clothing, is normal. Wearing clothing has long since become an issue of practicality. Yet, there is a real need for clothing and no wishful thinking will change that truth, in spite of what self-proclaimed “true nudists” assert.

I like being able to be nude at every possible instance. Yet living in Canada and being a person who enjoys being outdoors, I am faced with the reality that, laws or no laws, weather conditions demand that I protect my body from the elements. And then, because I live in Canada, there are laws and community codes that are powerful in limiting just where and when (if at all) I can be nude while in the public eye. No amount of wishful thinking will change change this truth either.

However, when weather and situation are favourable to being nude, what is it that has individuals continue to wear clothing?

Religion? Well one could say that this is a significant factor, but is it really? In my opinion, it all comes down to the individual’s personal response to their own nudity in private situations, or when others may see their nakedness. There are too many who are comfortable with their own nudity who are religious from all versions of religion.

No, I don’t think one can lay all of the blame on religion as I am certain that there are as many agnostics and atheists who suffer from being uncomfortable, sometimes very uncomfortable with nudity – their own nudity as well as the nudity of others around them. The roots of this dis-ease (unease that borders on dysfunction), will be found within a person’s first years of life.

Does this mean we have to blame the parents? Not necessarily though parents do factor into what each individual encodes deep within their own psyche about vulnerability and nudity. Each individual creates a belief system for what they perceive is necessary for their survival and well-being as defined by their immature minds. Lacking the ability to make rational decisions, they are left with creating decisions based on what can best be described as magical-thinking rationale. It’s all very complicated and one is very naive to try and reduce reasons for being uncomfortable with nudity.

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