Temporarily Comfortable With Being Nude

A few showers have fallen during the day and the sun put in more than one extended session that was enjoyed in the public area by the sea. What is it about body freedom that is embraced in one minute like the return of sunshine, and the retreat into old belief systems that tell us that like the sun we must hide, especially if someone might recognize us. The fear of being exposed as someone not fit to belong to the collective?

Humans claim to be rational beings but are often behaving at the edges very far from conscious behaviour. There are scripts based on childhood experiences, both from the realm of magical thinking for which children are prone to adopt as reality, and the realm of parental indoctrination where at times ego survival is at risk if one doesn’t conform. In spite of what our adult minds tell us, what current experiences are telling us, we revert to our scripts at the first signs of stress.

One needs to understand that there are so many subliminal and subconscious messages at work when it comes to navigating through naturist experiences. If few scipts were encoded as a child, an adult’s experiences are weighed fairly with the result of either acceptance of the idea of engaging with naturism, or not, based the first experience’s result.

However, even when given a very positive experience, an adult burdened with negative scripts of human nudity, will have a very difficult time balancing the adult experience with unconscious messages from their childhood. Once the immediate positive experience has been left behind, the mind is quick to discount that experience with claims that nudity is just not their thing.

Of course, I may be simplifying too much something that is over complex. But at least one can begin to understand bit why someone can show so many signs of being at peace with their natural boady, yet balk at living that sense of body freedom.

One thought on “Temporarily Comfortable With Being Nude

  1. Not a fan of “the unconscious” as it give too easily a way out of accountability, yet you have a way of showing tendencies without providing a way out… only an explanation of hypocrisy of behaviors. Thank you for pointing out how emotional choices can be viewed rationally so we can make choices based on who we’d like to become rather than repeating the same things over again.


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