Costa del Sol

Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean Sea.

It’s Thursday afternoon in the south east of Spain, in a naturist environment called Costa Natura with my wife. The long walk of the Camino de Santiago is done. We walked more than eight hundred kilometres in our particular Camino. Every person basically walks a different path with diversions, alternate paths, and instances of getting lost. Regardless, the Camino is done.

We left Santiago in the morning on a train to Madrid. Once there, we went to a different train station bound for Malaga and the Costa del Sol. We arrived in early evening so I decided to check out connection times for this morning to get to Estepona and our condo for a week at Costa Natura. I was surprised to find that a bus just happened to be leaving in ten minutes. A quick discussion saw us board the bus in he’s we could find a room for the night in Estepona that wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg. Jjust before 10pm we arrived only to notice a Hostal beside the bus depot. It had a room for us. It was a long day.

Today we got into our condo early, bought groceries, got out of our clothes once back in the condo, made a quick lunch and then wasted little time making our way through the community to dip our toes and more into the Mediterranean Sea. A few hours later, thirst forced us to head to the patio restaurant for a cerveza. While I am writing this, she is cooling off in the pool. Soon we will head back to the condo and make a home cooked meal and share a bottle of good red wine. It’s been a great first day in a naturist environment.

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