On A Jet Plane To Paris

Today we fly via Air Canada to Toronto then on to Paris.

Today we fly via Air Canada to Toronto then on to Paris.

Yes, if you are reading this today, August 23rd, we are likely flying on our way to Paris which we will reach tomorrow morning. From the airport in Paris we will take a train to Bayonne and then another little train to Saint Jean Pied de Port. It won’t be a day where nudity will make an appearance in my life.

imagesI have flown into Charles de Gaulle airport about seven times if I remember correctly and never have I met an opportunity to fly nude. It would be some experience, a positive one if they didn’t turn on the air conditioning too much. This will be my wife’s fifth visit to France.

I love France and could see retiring there if I didn’t have grandchildren and children committed to living in North America for the foreseeable future. If France was home, I would definitely find myself in the south near the Mediterranean. Perhaps two months in Spain will make me change my mind.

The neighbour is waiting to drive us to the airport. Just think, tomorrow Paris and more.

Bon Chemin!

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