Naked in Clean Air and Sunshine – A Gift To Self

Put a little light into your life.

Put a little light into your life.

Sunlight. It’s about life and creation. Even when the skies are clouded over creating a somber scene that weighs on the soul, it only takes a passing break in the clouds to lift the heart in celebration and in hope. On these kind of days, such as this one, I quickly drop whatever I am doing to rush out and bask in the sun’s rays even if it is quite cool outside.

Naturally, that sense of hope and celebration feels best when done skyclad for me. I am not along in feeling this way as I have heard from other nudists and naturists that I have had the pleasure to meet both in the face to face world and the realm of cyberspace.

The body breathes as much, as the nose and mouth. It breathes in light and particles both noxious or healthy for the body. When the environment is toxic, it is best to cover as much of the body as possible. When the environment is wholesome, it is best to uncover as much of the body as possible in order to fully benefit from the gifts of light and air. This isn’t an issue of morality, pornography or sin, it is simply a matter of common sense and biology.

About A Naturist's Lens

I am a therapist that focuses on the use of active imagination, photograph, dreamwork and Jungian Psychology in order to uncover the whole person hidden beneath layers of personae, complexes and clothing.

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