Naked With Eyes Wide Open – It’s Safer That Way

Oh Baby, It's Cold Out Here.

Oh Baby, It’s Cold Out Here.

Yes, it is 10C at the moment, an improvement from when I woke up three hours ago. It looks like summer has decided to skip town and remind us that we live in the Great White North. The country roads are again muddy making walking down country roads a slip and slide adventure that we are giving a miss today and likely tomorrow. The last thing either of us want to do is to twist something that will sabotage our Camino. The only option left is to walk around the town on paved roads (careful not to step into potholes which outnumber smooth pavement sections) or to use the elliptical machine in the basement.

I got the electric heater out this morning for my morning meditation in my office. I don’t mind as at least I get to meditate nude, something that will likely be only a fantasy for the next two months while we are walking in Spain.  I am continuing with my Spanish practice, especially with phrases such as “Por favor, ¿puedes hablar más alto? – Please can you speak a little bit louder?” I won’t be taking my hearing aids with me as that is just asking for trouble. In a way, that might be a blessing as I will have fewer distractions as I immerse myself in meditative walking with my eyes wide open.

If it sounds like I have the Camino on my brain, you are right as there are only six more sleeps until lift off. Until my next post, I wish you “Buen Camino!”

2 thoughts on “Naked With Eyes Wide Open – It’s Safer That Way

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  2. I’m excited for you both and wish you a safe and rewarding journey . Curiously , just moments ago , I requested my own credential and joined the Philadelphia , USA , group of pilgrims . I’ve decide to depart on September 30 , 2015 . I was thinking about you over the weekend as I spoke with a couple from Montreal ( naturists ) at the Avalon Fest in Paw Paw , West Virginia .


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