Naturism and Seeing the World Through a Spiritual Lens

Cleaning up the grass clippings from the sidewalk in our back yard.

Cleaning up the grass clippings in our back yard.

The grass has been growing with a vengeance after three months of dormancy thanks to extensive rains in the second half of July. I will likely be cutting the lawn again before our departure from town for Spain. I admit that I enjoy mowing the lawns, sometimes being able to do so in the back yard while skyclad. The result is pleasing to look at and much more inviting to walk on. I guess if I deserve and need a haircut, so does the lawn, otherwise we both revert to a “wild” state.

Being skyclad is, in part, reverting back to a previous version of what it meant to be human. Clothing existed for a purpose and not as a fashion statement, at least for the peasants, for those who walked away from lives of privilege, lives of oppressive control. Hmm? I guess it isn’t much different now, is it? Adopting nudity as a way of being is a rejection of so many things in modern life. Yet, it isn’t a rejection of the better things that help make us better people. I don’t reject the idea of helping others and being helped; I don’t reject being kind and trying to think before I speak words that might cause damage to another person’s spirit. I like how technology has enabled me to be an artist with the camera and allows me to share with others who I have never met in the face-to-face world. In a way, technology has made it easier to view the larger world as a whole – planet, water, earth, air, animals, plants, and humans – a wholeness that is probably best viewed through a combination of senses, intuition, thinking, and spirit – a spiritual lens.

About A Naturist's Lens

I am a therapist that focuses on the use of active imagination, photograph, dreamwork and Jungian Psychology in order to uncover the whole person hidden beneath layers of personae, complexes and clothing.

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