Psychotherapy While Clothed in an Otherwise Nude Day

Before the haircut this afternoon. Love no tan lines.

Before the haircut this afternoon. Love no tan lines.

Another scorcher of a day with temperatures reaching 36 C. here on the Canadian prairies. However, I am not one to complain about heat and sunshine. I absolutely enjoyed morning meditation in the yard while it was 17 C. followed by mid-afternoon sunbathing during the heat of the day. Before meditation we had early morning coffee on our back deck while I was waiting for my Wednesday morning client to arrive. After that session, I got out for another cup of coffee, skyclad.

Following my mid-afternoon sunbathing, we had tea out on our deck with me skyclad as usual. My wife enjoyed the shade while I caught a bit of the sun before it slid to hide behind our neighbour’s trees. With tea done, it was time to go into the house for my Camino haircut – very short (next blog should have a photo of that result). I get my haircut while skyclad so that hair doesn’t stick onto my clothes, not that I wear any for the most part at home. Now, I am writing in my office while skyclad. And no, I wasn’t skyclad during this morning’s therapy session with my client. Therapy is tailored to the client’s needs, not my preferences. I do wonder, however, what it would be like to have a naturist/nudist client who would prefer therapy while nude with a nude therapist.

I have to take in as much as I can as I know that I will be clothing bound for the two months of walking in Spain. The Camino is not one of those hikes one can do as a naturist without landing in a Spanish prison. When I get back to Canada at the end of October, it will be winter time meaning nude only in the house with central heating.

Today was a day we spent packing and repacking our backpacks trying to find the right weight for our hiking comfort. We will be carrying everything we need on our backs for the 1000 kilometre hike. My backpack now weighs in at 13.5 pounds while my wife’s weighs in at 11.5 pounds. We have both managed to reach our “light” targets for the Camino.

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