Camino Preparations – Twelve Day Countdown

Hot and liking some shade

Hot and liking some shade

Yes, it is hot out with the temperatures now in the mid-thirties Celsius. I am far from complaining as I love the heat when it is mixed with sunshine. Today is my first full day without going for a walk as part of my preparation for the Camino. Heel spurs are the reason. A trip to the doctor resulted in a prescription of something to make the swelling go down so that I am in the best shape possible for our Camino that starts in just two weeks. So far, so good. The pain in my heel is considerably lessened and I expect that it won’t be long before I am walking again though I doubt that I will push it before we leave for Spain.

I have gained a bit of extra weight over the summer with so many awesome meals which we served to our kids and grandkids over the past month and a half. It’s time for me to cut back and go simple in my diet again, something which in the end I appreciate as I always feel better when eating simply. Tonight it is plain BBQ hamburgers with a small salad on the side. Lunch today was a peas and lentil soup made with Swiss Chard, carrots, fresh green beans – all the vegetables grown in our small garden.

I anticipate being able to get more time blogging here over the next ten days as we get ready for our trip. No out-of-town guests are expected, nor are there any big chores waiting to be done. For now, it’s time to head back out into the sun.

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