Re-animation Through Finding New Meaning

The rain let up and became a light shower making for an opportune time for a photo.

The rain let up and became a light shower making for an opportune time for a photo.

Two days of rain yet the boys (three grandsons are visiting) are still in good moods. Card games, board games, computer games with an occasional sortie outside to play road hockey when the rain lets up for a bit – have kept us busy. I only have the boys here for another two days than our home returns to quiet times. Right now, the noise and enthusiasm is wanted and appreciated. Family is vital to the well-being of a soul. At the present moment, the boys are at the swimming pool, an indoor pool which is a rare thing to be found in a small town of just over 500 citizens.

And then it rained again.

And then it rained again.

It wasn’t long before the rains began to fall again and for things to become not quite so clear. Life is like that, when things go well, it feels like it is all sunshine and roses as the expression goes. However, it can’t always be sunny and the overcast of the spirit brings its own version of rain to cloud the vision that seems to act as a guide through life.

Everything changes when the conditions change. It seems as though there is less colour as the rain falls, as the light fades, as the spirit loses energy. This forces an immersion into the unconscious, into the depths. Of course, not everyone is willing to endure this descent into the unconscious. All sorts of tactics are engaged just as if one is girding against an enemy, as if getting ready to battle the shadowy presences that we know lie lurking there, just waiting for us to be distracted and let down our guard.

And, change is good. It helps us get unstuck from repetitive patterns that drain life of meaning. The doorway to change, through change is one which has us make a long inward journey of self-discovery, a discovery of who we are that has meaning that is more than our careers, our relationships and our beliefs. With change, comes a re-animation, a re-invigoration in our outer world; and that makes all the difference.

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