Naked Men – Throwbacks to an Uncivilized Past

Elemental man among the trees.

Elemental man among the trees.

Gloomy day today with very strong winds, not the kind of day that invites me to go out for a long walk. I walk for pleasure, not because of some compulsion, so I decided to pass today. It seems the perfect time to continue yesterday’s topic, the modern world response to men, especially older men.

As my wife was quick to point out, the general response to older men is base on fear. The negative power of patriarchy has seen men abuse women and children and other men. And, it seems, those in power to do all this damage are typically older men. Somehow, it all comes down to sex, power and sex. That and the fact, that men can’t think passed their penis other than to do whatever it takes to satisfy the drive that is awakened by that penis.

A naked man is a fearsome thing.

A naked man is a fearsome thing.

Naked men? Well, they just aren’t all that “civilized.” Naked men are throwbacks to a distant past. And the fear of them is based on the idea that their nudity is proof of their dirty, disgusting intentions which likely involve rape and domination as would be “natural” for a caveman type. Now, as we were having this discussion in our back yard, I was naked as usual. Curiously, she was not at risk nor were our neighbors. The thought of me being uncivilized, sex-crazed, or power hungry was not even a thought for her. Her experience of other men, older and naked men we have met at various naturist functions contradicts this stereotypical idea of men, older and naked men.

Stereotypes are hard to eradicate as they are buried deep over centuries and millenia of living in a patriarchal world that has adopted religions that buttresses the patriarchal power structures. Women have become chattels of men, of a civilized world that fights tooth and nail to keep women subdued. In our modern “civilized” world, we haven’t really progressed all that far as most countries make law after law about women and their bodies with no laws being made in the case of men – other than that of nudity. Note that I said nudity and not porn which is a thriving industry protected by law.

Naturists and nudists are not the danger that the rest of society believes as a “God-given truth.” If there is a God, then that God created men and women nude and deemed that creation a good thing. The problems began when humans decided in their hubris and ignorance to say that God fucked up and that they knew better. Nudity became synonymous with evil. Since women “naturally” inspired men, turned them on, instilled a desire in men to be protectors of the women they chose to raise families and the children that were born to their union. To have this all come to be, humans have a sexual dimension (as do almost all forms of life). Men willingly enter into these contracts which are sealed over and over again with the union of man and wife, a sexual and spiritual union. The problem of power is put away as the work demands unity.

Civilization messed this natural response to life with a vengeance.

I think I will have to revisit this theme again.

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