Don’t Trust Naked Old Men

Looking out over my domain with not pretense of being better than I am.

Looking out over my domain with not pretense of being better than I am.

Body image. There is a lot of energy being poured into bringing our attention to body image, usually the wrong sort of attention. Media and the advertising industry have created a standard of “perfection” that has very little to do with the real human body. Why? Because if they are successful in marketing this idea, then they can sell us charms, potions, snake oil, regimes, diets, clothing, toys, or just about anything that “promises” us the perfect body. If we fail to reach that promise, it becomes our fault. We are too weak, too lazy, too poor, too ignorant, etc. There is no room for negative thoughts about the promises that demand our time and money and religious belief in the body-image heaven that is waiting for us if only we follow the new “bible.”

I am sixty-six and there is no fashion bible, no marketing strategy directed to me. Well, there is a media strategy, but it isn’t about what I need to do to reach body-image heaven. Media has only one mantra – old men are not to be trusted, period. And that, especially is the case for naked old men.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Trust Naked Old Men

  1. Don’t give up!… I used to get the “you are a man promoting women to get naked and love their bodies??… yeah right, you are a pervert!” But recently I was accepted as a “BIMGA”(Body Image Movement Global Ambassador) and I was the first male accepted into the female run Body Image movement ( ) , what they are all about is promotion of body acceptance as well as leading a healthy lifestyle.

    A healthy self body image goes hand in hand with the core ideals of Nudism, so by having a Naturist such as myself on-board the BIM it can only be advantageous for both the BIM and Nudism. 🙂


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