What’s It All About, This Naturism Thing?



A long time ago I posted a rationale for being skyclad as much as I could. The rationale sprang from deep roots that spoke of finding healing for the wounds inflicted by life as a child and youth. But now, what reason do I have for continuing to be nude so much?

My wounds haven’t disappeared, but they have stopped owning me. I have found a healthy balance in life – well, perhaps with the exception of my nudity which is not exactly what one would call being better adapted to the collective outer world.

I have had to rethink the reasons for my continued embracing of nudism, or as it often expresses itself, naturism. For me, finding time to be outdoors in some sort of natural/nature setting fills me with a surge of well-being. There is a sense of belonging in the real world that often goes missing when life confines me indoors. I find I am more affable around others when I am nude thus making time for social nudism something that I honour. Thankfully, my wife is supportive of my becoming more extroverted thanks nudity. It helps that the people we have met during these events are good people and not the perverts we once feared would be found at those events. But that isn’t the whole reason for a continuation of embracing naturism/nudism.

It simply feels right, feels clean, feels the closest one can be to being in Paradise, a modern Adam in touch with whatever force that exists as creator.

4 thoughts on “What’s It All About, This Naturism Thing?

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