Two Become One – Whole and Holy

Two become one and holyThe source of life transformed itself again and again and flowed through countless beginnings and endings as forms rose and fell until life filled the water, the air and the land.

Though seemingly fractured into separate parts, the unity and wholeness remained below the dawning level of awareness of the life forms that had emerged. The shiftfrom simply being into consciousness was the creation of an inner light that touched the eternal and universal presence that found a mirror in man, a temporal form that was both male and female.

“Ah, so is this supposed to be Adam and Eve?” questioned René?

“Yes – or perhaps you can see it as Adam in Eve, or Eve in Adam, a whole that exists when both become one. I like to call it a ‘holy’ wholeness,” the voice elaborated. That was my finest moment when I manifested as human.”

“Two as one?” René said startled by what he had just heard. “This sounds like alchemy to me.”

“That’s one way of looking at it,” admitted the voice. “But I want you to focus on two becoming one, a man and a woman cleaving together. Apart they are suffering and incomplete. Think of this as both a truth about humans and as a metaphor for holiness.”

“Metaphor?” puzzled René. “You mean like the union of darkness and light, of night and day, of consciousness and unconsciousness, or any sort of duality conjoined?”

“I knew you would get it,” chuckled the voice. It is only in the union of the parts that the whole is found, made conscious.”

“I noticed that there was no mention of Adam and Eve being naked,” noted René.

“Don’t worry, we’re not done here. There is more to come. I’ll give you a break until you have returned to your home. That said, until then, keep track of the dreams I bring to you.”

* * *

Frieda sat in the lounge restaurant with René at the airport. René’s flight was to leave in a little more than hour left until his flight left, an early morning flight on Scandinavian Airlines. He was to have a stop over with a connecting flight at Heathrow to an Air Canada flight with arrival in Ottawa in the afternoon. He had checked his bag and backpack, more than he had with him when he left Ottawa in order to walk the Camino.

“So you think it will be about a week to get everything taken care of before you come to Ottawa?” asked René.

“Likely a week, ten days at the most if I run into unforeseen issues,” Frieda confirmed. “But I don’t anticipate any issues,” she added with a smile as she squeezed his hand. “I’m really looking forward to meeting your children and your adorable grandchildren.”

Their conversation continued until it was time for René to go through security and proceed to the gate where his plane was waiting. René held her tight not quite believing he had somehow found this goddess who had accepted his love with a love equally as strong. She was beautiful beyond belief, she was wealthy, yet didn’t flaunt that wealth nor did she have an attitude of entitlement that frequently angered René when he met it with the rich and almost rich that he had met in Ottawa and in his work as a psychotherapist.

“Text me when you land at Heathrow,” reminded Frieda.

René smiled as he replied, “With three hours in the airport, I will probably wear out the tablet with messages. Love you, Babe.”

A final hug and kiss left René feeling filled with a warmth that went deep within him. Taking his small pack containing his new computer, his tablet and his camera, René walked to take his place in the line to go through security.

* * *

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