At Home With Freida

A Norse Goddess

A Norse Goddess

“So tell me,” continued Freida. “How is the story going?”

“Uhm, nothing new to add yet. Something tells me that more is just bubbling under the surface. You know,” added René, “I just realised that my nightmares and the story seem to be connected. I mean, I only began to write this stuff about darkness since coming here. Weird, isn’t it?”

“Hmm, you might be on to something with that thought. Breakfast will be ready in a half hour. Go and meditate and then meet me on the patio out back.”

René grabbed his tablet from the bedroom and took it out to a spot in the garden which he had adopted as his meditation corner. The tablet had a meditation timer program that used Tibetan bells to mark ten minute intervals for his meditation. Taking his seat in an open area near flowering plants, he closed his eyes, focused on his breathing and was soon immersed into an alternate world. And, as was not all that unusual, a flood of thoughts assaulted his mind. Bit by bit he released these thoughts until he found himself centered barely aware of his breathing though intimately aware of even the faintest of breezes that wafted across his skin. All became silent with the exception of occasional bird sounds and the normal pulse of life.

“So, did you get the message last night?” asked the voice in his head. Why René called it a voice was difficult to understand as there was no sound of a voice. Rather, it was as if a passing thought had imposed itself on his mind which had cleared itself of restlessness.

“Can’t you see I’m meditating?” muttered René a bit crossly. “Can’t you wait until I have finished?”

“Well, it is when you are meditating or sleeping that I can best get passed your defenses so that the messages can be given to you.”

“Yeah, I got the message. What do you want me to do with it?” complained René.

“Write it of course. You know what you have to do with it.”

“How about I wait until after we get back from town? Freida is looking forward to showing me her town.”

“Suit yourself. You know that there is much more yet to come so you don’t want to fall too far behind.”

“Okay, when I get back. Now leave me in peace so that I can finish my meditation.”

It wasn’t a long drive to Eidfjord just up the coastline. Freida drove her Jeep since she knew all the twists and turns of the journey having made it so many times in the past. The drive was filled with small talk about what she was going to show René. It didn’t take long before she realised that he wasn’t really listening to her. René’s mind was somewhere else.

“What is it?” she quizzed.

“What is what?” asked René slightly puzzled by the question.

“You’re not really here. At least your mind isn’t here. “What is it?”

“It’s a combination of the dream and the voice which came back while I was meditating. It appears that there is more that has to be written about the darkness.”

“Tell me about it,” suggested Freida.

“Later, okay? When we get back to the house. Right now I just want to enjoy being with you and seeing your home town.”

It was late afternoon by the time they returned to the house. No sooner had they entered when they discarded their clothing. Freida promised tea while René took out his laptop to begin writing:

A light emerged out of the darkness. The light moved through the darkness as though an intimate partner with the darkness. Though it moved, it appeared to be motionless. Yet ever so gradually, the uncountable points of that light illuminated uncountable solid spheres stirring them to resonate with their own slow movements.

The Earth received the light and was transformed. A violent shaking that cracked the still young surface and brought the inner core to the surface which further transformed the globe. All this was done in silence for there were no ears to hear, nor eyes to see this birthing of a world.


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