A Goddess in Norway

Scandinavian naturistChapter One

René woke up as Frieda gently shook his shoulder. It was still dark in their bedroom, still night time. Though he had been in Frieda’s bed back in her home for more than a week, he still felt disoriented. It seemed that the only real thing left in his life was the physical presence of Frieda.

“You were having another nightmare, René.”

“Sorry that I woke you up,” apologised René.

“Do you want to talk about it?” asked Frieda as she held him close in the darkness.

“No, I will in the morning,” he said as he reached for his journal that he always kept beside himself at night, his dream journal. “Go back to sleep, I’ll be fine. Love you, Babe.”

René wrote in the darkness what he remembered of the nightmare. It wasn’t much nor did it make any sense. Strange how he had been having these wild and tumultuous dreams ever since he and Freida had moved into her home in Norway three days ago. When the dream’s scenes captured as best he could, René put his journal back on the table beside the bed and turned to Freida. He spooned to fit closely behind her, holding her as he felt his heart rate begin to ease as sleep approached. He knew that the rest of the night would be free of dreams, it always was.

In the morning, sitting in the solarium as the early morning sunshine added warmth to the early autumn chill, René slowly sipped his coffee. Frieda’s home was perched on a meadow that was perched at the edge of a range of high, rocky hills with the waters of the Simadalsfjord still dark in shadows because of the hills that delayed the touch of the sun’s rays on the water. Hearing the pad of Freida’s footsteps on the hardwood floor, René turned to see his goddess carrying her own coffee mug into the room. Rather than taking a nearby chair, she sat beside him curling her long legs under her and setting the coffee onto the glass-topped table in front of the love seat.

“Morning, Babe,” whispered René as he embraced her following the words with a kiss.

“Mmmm,” returned Freida as she reached for her coffee. “So, you ready to talk about the nightmare?”

“It is basically the same as the other nights, mostly just darkness, a living darkness that wraps itself around me, consuming me.”

“Mmmm, that’s all?” asked Freida.

“Well, it seemed that the darkness was trying to talk to me.”

“Weird,” Freida commented. “Anyways, I have to go into town, to Eidfjord, to get some fresh fruit and vegetables today. And, I want to show you around town. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” smiled René. “That means you are finally, going to have to put on clothes, not that I’m complaining of seeing a naked goddess,” he grinned.

“Not naked, jerk!” Freida teased, “Natural. Besides, it also means you have to put on some clothes as well or haven’t you noticed you haven’t been wearing any clothes since we’ve been here.”


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