Naturally Present In the Rain

It's raining and the temperature says stay inside.

It’s raining and the temperature says stay inside.

Sometimes it pays to be different. The temperature is 12C (53F) with a breeze and a solid stretch of rain. So far we have over a half inch of rain (14 mm) with no end in sight until late tomorrow, if we are lucky. We needed the rain as it has been super dry this spring and early summer.

I chose this photo for today’s post because of the “out of focus” aspect of the “self,” or me. Clearly this image is more than a portrait or a selfie in that there is an undefined aspect that is hinted at in what appears. It almost invites you and me to wonder a bit about what perhaps might be outside of the surface reality.

When a person dares to just look out of the side edges of vision, one sees more than one or could see when looking directly at a scene. It is as though somehow one pierces the thin film of perception where other realities exist. Good photographers know this and use this to capture scenes that evoke a sense of surprise and mystery – and no, I am not talking about using Photoshop.

Entering into a scene naked is much the same thing, you feel the world differently, in a way that almost defies description. One’s senses the world more fully and comes perhaps the closest to the living world as one possibly can. Perhaps it’s the vulnerability, perhaps it’s the honesty. Whatever it is, it is good.

4 thoughts on “Naturally Present In the Rain

  1. I very much connect with this experience. I remember one of my friends asking me some questions about WHY clothes free, how it is different, what is different. And at first I have some words, but then I often hit a wall. It feels like I reach a place where words aren’t meant to participate, that the “feeling” is meant to be experienced rather than wrapped in letters…that the accuracy lies in the fuzzy, in the blur.


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