Why Sky Clad Therapy

Taking it easy with a morning coffee on my back deck listening to birds and enjoying a small town's summer.

Taking it easy with a morning coffee on my back deck listening to birds and enjoying a small town’s summer.

There are days when it is enough just to be. These kinds of days find me enjoying peaceful moments in the sun in my yard where nature is celebrated in flowers, shrubs, a garden, and a collection of artifacts that tell stories if I would simply sit still long enough to listen. This is part of the gift of retirement that I have embraced.

Yet, it isn’t all about sitting on a deck in my favourite outdoor rocking chair. The peacefulness bathed in sunshine is a therapy, a practice of healing broken parts that have been hidden in corners, abandoned while I was busy being a responsible adult with a family and a career.

Wabi Sabi - putting Humpty Dumpty together again with gold.

Wabi Sabi – putting what is broken together again with gold.

Naturism, nudity especially nudity mixed with sunshine has served as a glue that has allowed me to mend the soul and psyche, a sacred process similar to the Japanese art of wabi-sabi where that which has been broken doesn’t get discarded but rather put together with care with gold, a practice which doesn’t deny the broken past but rather celebrates the resurrected and whole self/object.

I guess this means we need to be honest with ourselves, do the work of healing and show the world that the work has crafted, perhaps, something/someone more precious because of the care and love put into the work. This process is what I call Sky Clad Therapy.

6 thoughts on “Why Sky Clad Therapy

  1. I love the practice of wabi-sabi …..just love that image …..the broken vessel , more precious than before ….so valuable that we risk gold to heal ….. ah , wonderful !


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