Keeping it Light Without Clothing On

Warm summer sunshine to begin my day.

Warm summer sunshine to begin my day.

My previous posts were serious in tone and have value to me and perhaps a small number of others. In the future I will return to look more at the topic knowing that my readership here will likely suffer. Though I value and appreciate many visitors to this site, my blogging here is inspired by what lives within me rather than grasping at readership numbers. But, for the next while, I will be keeping it light.

For the next while, I want to keep it simple – quality time spent nude in the sun when the opportunity presents itself and enjoy visiting with extended family for the rest of the time. And this is what I value the most, this simplification of life and relationship. When I find time to post here, I won’t have the time for doing more than saying “Hi” to you, my readers. as I check in.

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