Naked Fear Keeps Nudity In Hiding

Finding some space in a crowded day to write, hoping to satisfy the daemon that demands that I write.

Finding some space in a crowded day to write, hoping to satisfy the daemon that demands that I write.

I have been trying to write a spiritual foundation that would validate naturism/nudism in our modern world that has divided itself into so many fundamentalist camps, religious and non-religious. There is a tiny crack in the armor put up by all the groups who fear natural individualism, who fear natural joy and freedom. That crack is religion. In our modern world, there is some sort of tolerance of other religions. I wound’t want to say that the tolerance is respectful, for it generally isn’t. The tolerance is “legal.” Naturism and practitioners of naturism in North America and so many other places, is threatened through vague laws which can bend at the will of those offended by human nudity, to result in legal prosecution.

Because there is a spiritual face to naturism, being in communion with nature and with other humans, a religious framework can be constructed that would pass the tests of society that determine whether or not naturism can be considered a religion. There is a problem with creating such a framework. The problem lies withing the naked folk who just want to be naked without a framework, especially a religious framework that would protect their practice of being nude. Some call themselves Christian nudists justifying their nudity with scripture, justifications that aren’t going to be accepted by other Christians thus nullifying any protection from prosecution.

Nudists and naturists want to be free to practice their varied interests while naked and without interference by outsiders who for various reasons take offence at nakedness. Many, if not most, simply hide in secluded locations to have naked time. Hiding is about self-protection and it is often symbolic of feeling guilty for doing something that subconsciously is held as intrinsically wrong. They hide from spouses, from family, from friends and colleagues, and from all authority that would put them in jeopardy. The desire for freedom to be nude is there, but the fear keeps them from doing what is necessary to find a legitimate place for nudism in this modern world. There is the hope that someone else will do what is necessary to make this happen. When the time arrives, then perhaps there will be a movement out of the closets and into the broader world in their natural, naked state. But, I won’t hold my breath.

6 thoughts on “Naked Fear Keeps Nudity In Hiding

  1. Great post!
    It starts with self. I choose not to hide at risk of constant arrest.
    My corner grocery store has never called the cops once even though I have shopped there naked for 5 years.
    The only way to bring naturism to the masses is to take it to the masses with bravery and purpose. Either that or continue hiding. But then remember that you don’t have the right to complain. History has proven that basic human rights have to be fought for.
    Stay nude!


  2. For quite some time I’ve thought that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act might be the basis for striking down some of the current laws that prohibit simple public nudity through court action. I even had some discussions about it with a UCLA law professor, but it is unlikely to provide much help for us. I believe that the biggest obstacle to gaining the freedom we seek is our reluctance to speak up and demand that the discrimination end.

    Most of us fear that if their participation in nude recreation were revealed there would be serious negative consequences. (This is much like the fear most people have about appearing nude in public, which is groundless.) As a result they remain hidden in the shadows, not participating in the political discussion about the issues, or struggling to improve our situation. Our refusal to stand up and be counted allows the rest of society to consider us to be a tiny group of kooks whose rights can be ignored. We have practically no political power, and that is our own fault.

    We need more activism following the example of the LGBT rights movement which has been remarkably successful in gaining public acceptance. We are a larger minority, and our demands are not as radical. We should have an easier struggle, but there aren’t enough of us on the front lines. So we try to drum up support on Internet nudist forums and watch as our lifestyle circles the drain hoping that the nudist community will wake up and recognize what needs to be done.


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