Life As A Journey Back To Our Source

The Great Mother

The Great Mother

Light and darkness contained, engulfed in a boundless, endless, timeless whole.

God, the Creator of the universe. What is this God? Who is this God? All sources seem to agree that God is the ruler of the universe and has the characteristics of being all knowing (omniscient), all powerful (omnipotent), and found everywhere (omnipresent). Yet, as I have listened to so many who have built churches and temples, this same God is somehow apart from creation. And with that thought as the foundation of most religions, it all falls apart. God is reduced to a separate being of superhuman, and in this redefinition humans carved a separate space for their existence. As a human, I understand this need for separateness. In fact, there is no other way it is possible to be and to be sane within oneself.

The whole gives birth to itself, infinitesimal aspects of itself that takes form and life. Light emerges out of darkness, an act of creation, a birthing that brings forth consciousness out of the vastness of the whole. From the depths, a separateness that is contained within the whole, becomes aware of its separateness. In in that separateness a yearning to return to the whole lies behind the thin film of self-awareness, a questing to return to the source, the mother as womb.

As a parent who has been a child as well as an adult, and who has suffered the journey of life between both ends of my life to this point, I can relate to the sense of always being en route to somewhere. Most times I have not been aware of just where it is that I have been headed. The only think I know for sure is that it doesn’t take conscious intention to be on the journey. I know I was born into this body and I know I will die and whatever spirit or soul that is the essence of myself will leave this body. Intellectually I know that the energy that comprises “me” will not cease to be. Where that energy came from or where it will go is the question that all religions seek to answer, looking for proofs in nature and in the words written by other humans who often claim special status as the official voice of a creator that curiously fits with the religious model being proclaimed.

As I struggle with the words above and from the previous few posts, I can only come to the conclusion that all of our voices are equal as they are all part of the whole. And it is the whole that serves to be the spiritual home for all the questing to return to our source, our roots. I have looked into so many creation myths and have yet to find one that doesn’t involve a birthing of sorts. A small few have just a male figure “creating” without a female figure involved; most have both a “father” and a “mother,” what can best be called in our modern world, the Great Mother and Father. As well, in no cases do humans emerge clothed, nor are they immediately covered to hide their nakedness at the time of creation.

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