The Birth of Duality – Shadow and Light

Duality. the birth of darkness and light, consciousness and the unconscious.

Duality. the birth of darkness and light, consciousness and the unconscious.

The universe moves, pulses with energy and undefined possibility and form. Energy gathered and coalesced to form light, a ray of contrasting energy that is both created and consumed by the universe which humans can only know as the One, the source of all separateness, the sum of all separateness.

Light and darkness, the progenitors of all, the source of creation, of birth, and of death. Duality given form in separation. Consciousness, the light of separateness is charged with a will to reunion with the unconscious, the whole, the holy.

This is the gift and the curse of being human, the charge to make the holy journey back into wholeness, a reintegration where darkness and light were born.

I am not sure where these words find their source. I can’t really claim to be the author of these words. I am not that wise or that foolish. Where do I go from here? I had thought that I was playfully giving my naturist/nudist readers a potential template for having the broader society of the western world a reason to accept nudity as a natural, legal, moral and peaceful place in the world.

There is something significant for me, found in these words, the emergence of light. As a naturist, light is vital. It is when I am bathed in light, the rays of sun’s light, that I feel most alive and well. I know that I must limit the amount of light I take in as too much light would have me burn. A lesson that light teaches me is that I can take in more light as I build a foundation over repeated exposures to the light. I have to maintain a patient awareness retreating as needed into the shadows so that what I have experienced can be integrated into my body and mind.

3 thoughts on “The Birth of Duality – Shadow and Light

  1. beautifully expressed. I experience the need for light as well as the need for retreat quite potently and frequently. For the longest time I thought there was something “wrong” with me because of that. Now I don’t.


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