Naturism as a Religion

Spiritual practice as a naturist - is this religious?

Spiritual practice as a naturist – is this religious?

I didn’t get to meditate as yesterday as we were travelling to visit our youngest child’s home which is about a six hour drive. Once there, our youngest grandchild. a five year old boy, filled up the rest of the day. Not meditating wasn’t felt as a loss as the gift of unconditional relationship and regard was just as spiritual as meditation, perhaps even more so. If there is no spiritual connection in my day, I feel myself a poor man.

Strangest thing that I learn as I age is that time spent clothing free is vital to my well being. Too many days without  conscious time spent nude (I don’t count sleeping time even though I always sleep nude) and my spirit gets very agitated. It’s as though I find myself going though a period of withdrawal. Yet as soon as I get to meditate au naturel, or be blessed with being bathed with the sun, I find myself in peace and at one with what I can only call “spirit.” It almost feels as though I have entered a form of religious ecstasy. Could it be that naturism is yet another expression of that religious yearning and nature of human kind?

About A Naturist's Lens

I am a therapist that focuses on the use of active imagination, photograph, dreamwork and Jungian Psychology in order to uncover the whole person hidden beneath layers of personae, complexes and clothing.

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  1. Naturism places me immediately into a state of meditation. Without that daily time I am lost.
    My naked meditation time is vital to me – and yes it is a religion – because during that time I feel much closer to God and my fellow man.

  2. This is something that I have started noticing in myself also… I find that I need to spend time outside, preferably in a nature setting (trail, or lakeside), at least 3-4 times per week; or I’m am ‘unsettled’

  3. I definitely experience withdrawal during days when I have to be in clothing for longer periods of time, especially when clothed and out and about among others.

    When I spend time clothes free, I feel a kind of ongoing hum of reflection underneath the surface, as of self-inquiry is a more consistent conversation happening.

    I also notice a difference in how I respond to the things around me. For instance, lately, I observe a difference in how I am around bugs. Normally, I scream at the top of my lungs whenever I see them. But when I am outside clothes free rather than retract or squeal I often stay and watch. Even if one lands on me, I don’t draw away as much as I would otherwise.

  4. Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by Me.”

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