Hiding Behind Physical and Psychic Fences

Life somehow does this thing that erodes the barriers that we build to protect self.

Life somehow does this thing that erodes the barriers that we build to protect self.

I took this photo a few days ago. The fence has since then, been repaired and now stands proudly, and straighter, as a barrier between my private place and the public space. Now, when it gets warm again (it is cool, cloudy, windy and the air is saturated with forest fire smoke), I can spend more time, au naturel, in my sacred space.

So why do we build fences? Obviously, we begin to build fences around our frail ego as children so that life doesn’t overwhelm us. It’s a process that continues through youth and adulthood. Yet somewhere along the way, the fences begin to crumble – midlife crisis is the best example of that – and we are left exposed and vulnerable. The time has arrived to become more than the masks, costumes, roles, and associations we join. The time has come to take stock of what has been hidden and protected. The time has come to trust that we are strong enough to stand independently without fear of someone exposing our secrets – no secrets.

Yet, we fear taking on that self-authority. We fear being exposed. So, we retreat into the collective patterns build on fear, a collection of many individuals who feel safest while hiding their true, authentic self. And thus giving up our own authority, the collective shadow claims that authority. It is as though we have sold our souls to the Devil who we hope will somehow leave us alone as we grow old and die.

13 thoughts on “Hiding Behind Physical and Psychic Fences

  1. True. The thing is that ALL Minority Groups long ago ALLOWED the Majority to deny and deprive us of our NATURAL RIGHT to enjoy our lives equally as the Majority enjoys theirs. In kowtowing to the Majority, i.e. NOT insisting that they make allowances for OUR Liberty, we surrendered to that “Devil” You refer to. Naturists SHOULD be equally at Liberty to go naked ANYWHERE that Textiles go, and go there in the clothed/unclothed state OUR Beliefs lead us to adhere to. “Offense at Public Nudity” is a PROGRAMMED state of mind … not a Natural one.


    • Agreed. But the steps to regain what was given up will likely be hazardous to personal freedom for the next few decades, if not longer. After all, there is too much power at stake and that is so hard to give up.


  2. “The time has arrived to become more than the masks, costumes, roles, and associations we join.”

    And yet those very things give meaning to the identities to which we adhere. Without the “other” how can we know ourselves? Would not the earmark of exploring our hidden selves be to associate with others with the same secrets?

    I do so love the gray areas. Hehe


    • The journey inward to discover self has a final component, the return to the world of other bearing gifts, especially the gift of being honestly “self” in relation to “other.” Jungian psychology is rich with explanations of this journey called individuation.

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