Naturism as Therapy – Nudity and Dreams

The world of dreams is a real world, one that is not afraid to be brutally honest.

Depth psychology, for me, Jungian psychology, has a long history with using dreams to access the inner world of the human psyche. However, it isn’t just depth psychology that has learned a lot from dreams. If one looks deep into human history, one finds the power of dreams manifesting themselves as gods and goddesses that show us our deepest secrets, our common bonds across time and cultures.

When we look at our dreams, we generally find them too absurd to pay much attention to them. Yet, there are dreams that demand and get our attention. Some are nightmares where the “ego” is somehow threatened, put into situations of distress. Some are too realistic for our liking and feel more powerful, perhaps even prophetic for that realism. And some disturb our sense of propriety with scenes of ourselves nude, exposed, vulnerable.

Over many years I have recorded my own dreams with more than a few showing scenes of nudity. Some of the nudity is passive such as finding myself in a public space exposed but with no one paying attention; some of the nudity is found in scenes of surreal and magic where all rules are suspended such as when I find myself swimming forever in a sea with no fear of drowning or flying naked through space and solid mountains as though I was a god. And sometimes, the nudity is sexual with “natural” scenes and challenging scenes that shock and awe leaving me wondering if what I had witnessed in my dreams was about hidden intentions or desires.

In my work as a psychotherapist, I have heard many dreams. Surprisingly not so many of them have nudity within them suggesting to me that though we are aware of these dreams, we are reluctant to admit that we have had them. We censor what we record of our dreams even in dream journals. I wonder how many of you have dreams with nudity as part of the content of the dreams?I hope some of you will respond to that question here.

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