Naturism As Therapy: Dawning of Consciousness

With the dawn comes a new beginning, another day of journeying to awareness.

My time in Mexico is drawing closer to the end. Just over three weeks remain for me to enjoy being outdoors without the need for clothing. The past two months have been an incredible time for me as I become more self-aware and other-aware. Though I get up before dawn each day, I have not gone down to the beach to great the sun as in this photo taken by my wife about a week ago. Being nude on the beach close to our casa is a very iffy proposition which requires a longish walk to get away from early morning beach traffic – so many want to greet each sunrise here on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

In place of being at the beach to honour the appearance of the sun each morning, I am able to be in our garden fully nude. Typically I time my meditation so that the first rays of sunshine to enter the garden area will touch me, illuminate me. It becomes a very spiritual time for me. It is as though I am having my body filled with light and warm that comes out of an inner peace. My wife and our landlady who owns the house in which we occupy her deceased mother’s art studio, both honour this time as they quietly do their things, sometimes passing by me in the process. I would have never thought that this would have been possible three years ago when I first “intentionally” adopted naturism as a mode of therapy.

In the past I have talked about experiences using nudity as therapy, including references to literature on that topic. I sense that it is about time that I returned to this theme for future posts here. I am hoping that rather than having a focus on the nudity that can too easily become fixated upon displays of genitals, the use of judicious editing of images will convey honest nudity in a manner that allows the words to be heard. I don’t want the images to get in the way, but I do think that images are vital in the process, a means of having the walk and the talk become one.

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