Building Sand Castles in Mexico

This photo for the book, Naked Poetry 3, was taken from a series on building a sand castle on the beach here in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. With the last photo selected (not this photo), I wrote the last poem which then freed me to begin the layout and editing process. I am excited on the way it has all unfolded over the past two months. I am hoping that I can have the book published by the end of March or in early April.

Now that the Naked Poetry project is finished, I am busy with preparing Jungian psychology presentations that I will present during the month of March in Puerto Morelos. Of course daily beach walks and skyclad sunbathing will remain high on my list of daily routines. We are having our friends, a neighbour couple from our home community in Canada, come to spend the month of March in Puerto Morelos, a great opportunity to add another dimension to friendship.

With only a month until our return to Canada, our thoughts are already turning to our training and preparation for our autumn project of walking the Camino de Santiago. I am sure that I will be writing more about that over the next six months until we begin a two-month long adventure in Spain and France. Who said life after 65 is boring? As long as a person remains young at heart, and takes the time to play (and perhaps build sand castles), age is just a number.

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