Naked in the Swampland of the Soul

Making one's way through the swamplands of the soul.

Making one’s way through the swamplands of the soul.

Yesterday we went for a late afternoon walk to explore a broken trail through the mangrove swamp that lays between the strip of habitation along the coastline and the mainland. The swamp is hundreds of miles long and up to two miles in width on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula. This particular boardwalk was designed to allow “tourists” to see swamp life up close and personal. However, with few takers because people wanted sun, sand, surf and entertainment. The boardwalk is broken in so many places making for a somewhat dangerous adventure.

Wandering through swampland is something that few willingly risk. Wandering through the swamplands of one’s soul finds even fewer willing to take the adventure. It usually takes a crisis – a midlife crisis, a crisis of faith, or a traumatic event in one’s life to push one into daring to wander through a dark, dank, dangerous inner landscape. Think of the Odyssey and make it personal knowing that who you were before the journey through the swampland, will never reappear. Such a journey is a heroic journey of transformation.

Every truth you held close is questioned, and often exposed as a self-deceit. You have to strip away all preconceived notions in order to see clearly the self that lies hidden in the shadows of the swampland, a self that waits for ego to allow it to emerge into the light of day as a newborn emerges from the birth canal – naked and untainted in spite of the long period of gestation in a dark, damp place.

9 thoughts on “Naked in the Swampland of the Soul

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  2. The swampland of the soul may be dark, dangerous and foreboding, but it pales in comparison to the graveyard of the soul, that place where we have buried those things which are too painful to face, but which have made us what and how we are today. Even though we may have had a “funeral” for those memories many years ago, they refuse to die, and even though we may have buried them deeply in that graveyard, their ghosts will haunt us when we least expect it. We don’t like to face rejection, abandonment and profound failures, but they are a part of our inner-landscape, our hidden-past, and until we face them, we can never be “whole”.


  3. You are a brave man. When I think of swamp, i think of the myriad of bugs, animals, and plants that could harm. I would covered from head to toe in a literal swamp. A psychological swamp? I hope I would do otherwise.


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